Cover art of the EP Spaceraft by Flood Province with a rocky coulle with a green sky in the background, on which a life raft is perched.

Flood Province – Spaceraft

Spaceraft is assembled from field recordings of land and sea, shortwave radio, found sounds, and a smattering of electronic and electric instrumentation. With non-traditional, seemingly stochastic song structures, and infected with an infectious noise, Spaceraft has a wide number of influences from electronic and experimental music history.

The four tracks have an abyssal feel that address various anxieties of the climate/biosphere crisis and the threat to human civilization.

The opening track “Thinking of Sinking” has an insistent, unsteady, and slightly off rhythm that sets the tone conceptually for the release.

“AMOC! AMOK!” is an ambient meditation on the industrial history of the Atlantic marine environment, until it disintegrates in a deluge of human discussion and destruction.

“Syncretic Distraction Complex” is a layered collage of the numbing effects of the multitude of media distractions that contemporary life offers, with the attendant over-consumption and over-stimulation of our almost religious fervor to stay current with global popular culture.

“Spaceraft Dub” is a distorted dub track, the most musical of the release, and offers an extended space for reflection on how our planet is both our spacecraft and life raft.

released September 1, 2023

Mastering by Michael Southard, Triplicate Records

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