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Video loop projection, 10 min loop, HD, color, 2012.

Trinity is a contemplation, or possibly a meditation, on the origins of the Atomic Age. The title comes from the code name of the first nuclear weapons test. The projection consists of three images depicting multiple time scales and orders of physical magnitude. The soundtrack is digitally processed recording of hymns from the final church service of the day in the Christian tradition of canonical hours. The work debuted at ohrenhoch der Geräuschladen, Berlin, Germany in March 2012.





Documentary film, 80 min, HD, color, 2011.

Editor, Producer, & Co-Director of a documentary film about a small-town alternative music scene and it's aftermath 30 years later.
More info: www.spokanarchy.com




Extra-Sensory Wave Device

Installation, 37' x 37'. Live closed-circuit video projection, infrasonic microphone, geophones, novelty wave-machine, satellite dish, salt, steel, concrete, 2007.


The idea that we are products of a dynamic coupling with our surroundings drives this work. The possibility that we may be influenced or affected in subtle, even imperceptible, conditions by our ambient environments would require reassessing the boundaries of internal and external experience. In this piece the viewer is immersed in a (science) fiction with explicit references to a natural environment mediated and/or interpreted by the technological. By transposing stimuli that we are not consciously aware of into the visual experience, these connections are explored through time, place, technology and consciousness. As visitors move about the space, their presence altered and at times disrupted the video projection and the delicate balance of the instrument.





Installation, 23' x 15'. Steel, aluminum, cotton, nylon, and single channel rear-projection video loop, 20 min., 2006


Undergrowth consists of a video loop projected onto an angled, curved screen. The imagery is of an unsteady, lurching movement through a meadow looking skyward. The rhythmic wash of traffic noise is synchronized with the movements in the video. References to aquatic, terrestrial, and mechanistic environments are mediated by electronic reproduction and offer an immersive experience for the viewer. I am interested in the various environmental realms we inhabit- (our mind, the physical body, the natural and built environments, time) and how these interact/overlap and affect each other. Undergrowth is an exploration of our conscious experience of these environments.





Installation, 25' x 17'. Algae, paper, plaster, soil, concrete rubble, and single channel rear-projection video loop, 63 min., 2006.


Resurgency is composed of a field of biomorphic forms that seem to have erupted from the concrete flooring in various stages of growth, along with an animated video projection of similar ovoid-shaped entities. Taken together, the work is intended to allude to the unrelenting cyclic regeneration of the natural world, and our diverse and ambivalent attitudes toward it. The time scales suggested by the various elements are indeterminate- acknowledging time as another part of the natural environment. The cave-like atmosphere is redolent with a primaeval fecundity, an optimistic vision of a future not contingent on humanities' at times myopic behaviors.





Color, NS, 2:55, Super 8 transfer to single channel video. 2008.


A collaboration by David Halsell and Ryan Horvath. A Super 8 film camera was dropped from the Aurora Bridge in Seattle, WA on 9 March 2008. The film record traces a vision of the 167-foot plunge from the bridge deck to the water below.




Homily for Swelling Kennels

Installation, 13' x 6' x 6'. Garbage, wall text, single channel video loop, 2:25, 2005.


A pile of debris rises up like a monument- plastics, a shopping cart, timbers- the detritus of our modern society. In the midst of the waste pile is a disassembled television. Oddly still functioning, it shows a manipulated video loop of the 1936 Pittsburgh flood. Ambient sounds emanate from the piece, reminiscent of being underwater. Demarcated on the wall behind is an unidentified numerical index suggesting flood water height? Police lineups? Overpopulation? Nearly every culture has in the world has a flood myth, indicating it's profound affect on the human psyche. The title is in part from Description of a City Shower by Jonathon Swift, a satirical verse using the flood as a social equalizer. Homily for Swelling Kennels engages the intertwined dynamics and relationships of the natural environment to social structures.




Chit (Consciousness)

30" x 30" x 9". Video projection, milk, stainless steel basin, 2003.


In a darkened space a video projection into a basin of milk calmly pulsates and shifts color, while frenetically dynamic in the interior field. Intended to elicit a heightened awareness of self within the viewer, the imagery suggests cellular motion. Chit (cit) is a Sanskrit term for awareness or consciousness.




The Generation Rooms

Single channel video, 3:47, 2003.

A series of environmental spaces that distort scale and perspective of the viewer. The imagery implies an epochal passage of time. This piece grew out of research into aberrations of visual perception.





Single channel video, 4:03, 2003.

Inperception utilizes two of painter Roy Lichtenstein's landscapes in a study of perception and multiple layers of mediated experience.





Single channel video, 3:52, 2003.

Empire traces the cyclical nature of political and economic powers. The visual phenomenon of "change blindness" is explored as a metaphorical device in a monochromatic tableau with high tonal values.