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8´x 2´x 2´ glass, aluminum, water, algae, electronics, 2002.


An array of water-filled tubes is suspended one foot above the floor. Mounted inside the tubes, electroluminescent (EL) wire is activated by the approach of viewers, generating a soft white light and an unsettling high-pitched whine. Surrounding the glowing elements is water with living algae. Autoeutrophia is a device that nurtures and then ultimately destroys the algae living within it. The process of eutrophia in an ecological sense is the death of waterways from fertilizer runoff, which causes excessive algae growth. By engaging with the artwork, viewers activate the light system, unwittingly contributing to the apparent eutrophication process in the tubes.





3' x 3' x 5' & 3' x 3' x 9', polyurethane, fiberglass, plaster, steel, flora, 2003-4.


Exobiologic is a pair of biomorphic forms whose skeletal structures are visible under a flexible, mucilaginous membrane. The plant components, amorphophallus titanum (Corpse Flower) and araucaria araucana (Monkey Puzzle Tree), were chosen for their unusual forms and biological associations. This work hypothesizes the biomorphology of a breeding pair of otherworldly macro fauna.



Solar Observation Boxes

2003, installation, dimensions variable, box dimensions 6´ x 12´ x 2´, Mixed media.

Glass elements produced constantly evolving reflections and refractions. A working sundial- the spot of sunlight crosses a ridge at the top of the hour.


Quotes by Ptolemy and T.S.Eliot.


A site-specific installation on the University of Washington campus which re-purposed shipping crates into viewing chambers that highlighted the apparent motion of the sun. The interiors were filled with objects, text, and forms only seen through peepholes. Later shown at the City of Redmond's Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit. This work was a collaboration with University of Washington students.